victory foam delivers foam packaging solutions


In-House Tool and Die Shop

Development of In-house tool and die departments gives Victory the ability to offer fast and cost-effective custom production solutions.
Whether working on a new project or modifying
existing programs, Victory provides exceptional timesaving products and services.

Fecken-Kirfel Precision Skiving

Industry Leading Products and Materials

Over the years Victory Foam separated itself from the competition by cultivating access to and experience with the highest quality raw materials and products available in the industry.

Victory's long-standing relationships with the world's leading materials suppliers gives us the ability to bring material for customer projects in house the next business day. In doing so, we are able to offer our customers quality products, competitive pricing and just in time distribution programs.

Our ability to turn around your custom foam parts to extreme tolerances on our Fecken-Kirfel. The Fully Automatic Splitting Machine H 24 A is used to split blocks and slabs economically into thin sheets with precision accuracy.



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