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Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

foam packaging for tool controlForeign Object Damage (FOD) comes in many forms, and a primary contributor is misplaced and unaccounted for tools. With FOD resulting in loss of life and millions of dollars of damage and downtime yearly, an effective Tool Control Program is a necessity for Military and Civilian Aerospace and flightline operations. Accounting for every tool is not a luxury, it is vital to running a safe and cost efficient flightline operation.

Understanding the importance of FOD control, Victory Foam has worked closely with tool manufacturers and leaders in the aerospace industry to create an ever-expanding and dynamic line of FOD prevention tool control products.

At Victory Foam our experienced and knowledgeble design professionals can create custom tool control solutions for any application. Additionally, our products are carefully chosen in order to offer a full spectrum of raw materials that are chemically resistant, bulk foamdurable and certified eco-friendly.

Victory’s experience working with the industry’s top case manufacturers such as Pelican Case, SKB, Underwater Kinetics and Hardigg ensures that our customer’s products are secure and protected in even the harshest field environments.

FOD Prevention Products

Victory’s FOD products are in use on flightlines worldwide and include:
  • Soft-sided FOD Bags
  • Rigid Cases
  • Portable Tool Pallet Sleeves
  • Bulk Foam
  • Custom Tool Control Inserts
  • Turbine Covers
  • Specialty Products

From single custom cases designed specifically for your valuable equipment, to large scale Military Specification tool control systems, Victory can develop a solution to satisfy your company’s exact needs.

Call Victory Foam, 888-286-FOAM, for all your custom foam fabrication, tension packaging, tool control, and case insert needs.

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