victory foam focuses on green manufacturing

Packaging Green

The global focus on green manufacturing is driven by industries that facilitate the development of clean and eco-friendly solutions. This is clearly seen in the designs and overall concept of Victory Foam global packaging solutions. Victory Foam is compliant with stringent manufacturer environmental responsibility programs worldwide, including being a Sony Green Certified Partner. A basic principal in creating and achieving a sustainable packaging product is to "optimize materials and energy through simple and intelligent design".

Victory Foam has taken its interest in sustainable packaging so far as to create a separate product family called TenxionPak. TenxionPak is a 100% recyclable packaging product that even goes a step further; TenxionPak can be designed to withstand multiple transit trips, reducing the total number of packaging units that need to be created. Working as a partner with our valued global customer base, Victory Foam is committed to continuing its development of functional, cost effective and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

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