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Tool Control

Victory Foam's custom tool control systems are specifically designed to facilitate organization, accountability, and asset management and to prevent FOD (Foreign Object Damage).

How it works :  First, our specialty cad designers will take existing tools and consumables and create images of them. From there, a layout will be created that will make finding your most trusted and valuable equipment effortless to find.  The foam will then be created based on these layouts to an exact fit of the items, to include finger notching for the easy removal of tools. The foam can be manufactured using a CNC router or water jet technologies.  In addition, each item in the foam has the option of having part description permanently engraved on the surface in which the tool will lay.  This makes identifying missing tools quick and seamless. 

The foam is chemical resistant in accordance with ASTM D543-2000 and meets Mil Specs. AA-59315 and AA-59316.  This product is ideal for military/government and aerospace personal that require tool control in their process.

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tool control

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